Lifetime free updates.

Free FL Studio updates for life!

Buying FL Studio gets you the latest version, AND all future FL Studio updates free. Nothing more to pay, ever again.

While our competitors typically charge $150-250 for an update, you will always be able to every future FL Studio update, free.
That's not only minor point-revisions, but complete new versions - FL Studio 12 to 13, 14, 15 ... e.t.c. We believe you should have the functionality you paid for, bugfixed and updated, for as long as we develop FL Studio. 
FL Studio 'Boxed' purchases ...
From FL Studio 10, Lifetime Free Updates were extended to all Boxed sales (Fruity, Producer & Signature Bundle).

FL Studio 9 box sales included a $49 Virtual Cash voucher that can be used to purchase the USD $39 Lifetime Free Update extension see procedure. We give you the Virtual Cash so it's Free too.
FL Studio 8 or lower boxed sales can be upgraded to Lifetime Free Updates for $39 see procedure.

Find out what new features our customers have received for free over the last 20 years on our history page.
Lifetime Free Updates
Does this mean you will get everything we develop for free from now on ?

Not everything: A lot of the new features we develop are built in to FL Studio, and these are included in Lifetime Free Updates. We do this to improve the program and keep it competitive with other software on the market. As the industry grows so does FL Studio and what it can do. It's a win!

Sometimes when we develop something new, like a software synthesizer or some other module, we offer it as an optional add-on purchase. 

Don't worry: There will always be new features and or synths and or FX provided free with each update. Most important, you will ALWAYS be able to download the most up-to-date and bugfixed version and use it free. Other software companies charge you to fix the bugs they created in the first place? We think that sucks, so we don't do it to you.
BONUS you can ALSO download and use previous versions of FL Studo. See here.